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Legacy of the Cage: The Gauntlet

Tabletop RPG Available Now!

Your MMA Legacy Starts Here

Legacy of the Cage is a fast-paced, dice-based game of player-versus-player mixed martial arts competition where you create a fighter and sqare off in the cage against human or "AI" opponents.

Will you throw strikes? Go for the takedown? What about a sneaky evasion to keep your opponent guessing?

Control your actions in the cage second-by-second; strategically dominate the position of the fight; and then twist the odds in your favor to deliver that crowd-pleasing knockout blow and capture the championship belt.

All you need to play is this book and some standard role-playing dice or a free dice-rolling app for your phone.

This rulebook includes the basic rules needed to set up and get playing in a matter of minutes.

Follow Your Destiny

Should you choose to continue the career of your martial artist, you have all the information necessary to upgrade his or her power and skills. Build the champion of your dreams!

It also contains rules for a single-player experience called “The Gauntlet” where you can enjoy the thrill of the fighting action without the need for a second human opponent.

In This Book

  • Fighter generation rules to get started within minutes
  • Player-versus-player combat rules
  • 20 fighter skills to master
  • 6 tiers of fighter experience from rookie to legend
  • Climb the ranks through 8 hype tiers
  • Solo-play mode: The Gauntlet so you can start brawling on your own today!

Glory awaits. Welcome to the show.

This is a complete rulebook with all the information you need to get to the action in minutes, however, this is not the end of the legacy. With your purchase, you are entitled to every update, errata, correction, and revision for the life of the product.

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Resources and Supplements

Bring your fights to the next level with these free resources and supplements for Legacy of the Cage: The Gauntlet:

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